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Come and discover everything that lies behind a simple glass of water, the refreshing break that we allow ourselves every day, in the new Water Time corporate video.

Bottles of pure spring water, bottled and point of use watercoolers ideal for home and office, a whole range of accessories for all tastes and a friendly and knowledgeable team.

This and much more along the way through the production plant in Fanano (MO), the headquarters and offices in Vignola (MO) and the Water Time product showroom.


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Sede amministrativa e uffici commerciali
Via del Portello 16, 410158 Vignola (MO)  

Sede legale e Stabilimento
Via Capanna Tassoni 219/D – 41020 Ospitale di Fanano (MO)

Per informazioni
Scrivici a info@grupposem.it
Chiamaci al +39 059 8377001

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