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International certification system that defines requirements and guidelines for an effective company quality management system, in order to improve efficiency in the creation of products and in the provision of services.

ISO: 14001

International certification system that identifies an environmental management standard and demonstrates that the certified organization has an effective control system on the environmental impacts of its activities and seeks improvement from a sustainable perspective.

Standard IFS (Internaional Food Standard)

International certification system that identifies a quality control and hygienic-sanitary safety system applied to all levels of food product production.


S.E.M. Sorgenti Emiliane Modena has a non-exclusive concession for the Emilia Centrale Parks Quality Mark, an acknowledgment to local companies that undertake a voluntary process of environmental improvement linked to that of the Emilia Centrale Parks and Biodiversity Authority and which meet the requirements established by the relative Regulation, in the context of quality, environmental sustainability and typicality.

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Via del Portello 16, 410158 Vignola (MO)  

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Via Capanna Tassoni 219/D – 41020 Ospitale di Fanano (MO)

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