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Low mineral content water from Monte Ventasso rocky slopes
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Nuova S.A.Mi.Cer

Nuova S.A.Mi.Cer. S.r.l., Società Acque Minerale Cervarezza Terme (RE), deals with Fonte Ventasso natural mineral water bottling and distribution.

Ventasso water has unique natural characteristics. It flows microbiologically pure at over 1000 meters above sea level from springs and wells located in the center of a vast mountainous area in the heart of the great "National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines" in an uncontaminated environment, flowing between Mount Ventasso deep rocky slopes, 1,727 meters above sea level.

Nuova S.A.Mi.Cer also bottles Fonte Lieta water, Ventasso's sister in terms of territorial location and characteristics, branded for the large-scale distribution.

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Administrative and commercial headquarters
Via del Portello 16, 410158 Vignola (MO)  

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Via Capanna Tassoni 219/D – 41020 Ospitale di Fanano (MO)

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Phone +39 059 8377001


Monte Cimone official partner of Modena Volley
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