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    Quality in every drop

    Water experts, for over 30 years we have been offering the quality of natural mineral water for your daily hydration
  • Eco-sustainable choices every day

    Constant search for sustainable solutions that respect the environment and maintain our water unique natural qualities unaltered
  • Water for all tastes

    From the purity of mountain water to the bubbles of natural effervescence, our springs give freshness and balance to every palate.

SEM Group

SEM Group is one of Italy main operators active in the bottling, production and distribution of mineral waters and soft drinks both under its own brand and private label for the vending, Ho.Re.Ca. and large-scale distribution sectors.

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Group companies

Four companies are part of the SEM Group and carry out the bottling and sale of Naturale Mineral Waters acitivities.

S.E.M. Sorgenti Emiliane Modena – Nocera Umbra Fonti Storiche – Sorgenti Claudia – Nuova S.A.Mi.Cer

Quality in every drop

For over 30 years, SEM Group has been offering water for every palate, scrupulously preserving its unique characteristics from source to distribution.

A sustainable business model

Water plays a fundamental role in our health and it is the protagonist of our daily life.

Every day we invest energy and resources in the search for innovative and sustainable solutions, convinced that protecting the environment is essential for an activity linked to its natural resources like ours.

Group SEM has chosen a circular business model both from the material resources and the commercial points of view.

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Come and discover the virtuous cycle of Monte Cimone natural mineral water.

Watch the SEM Group corporate video shot inside the Ospitale di Fanano bottling plant.

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25 October 2023
Monte Cimone official partner of Modena Volley

The partnership has been signed with coach Francesco Petrella's 'gialloblù'. The Emiliano Group, leader in Italy in the bottling, production and distribution of mineral waters and soft drinks of the Sorgente Monte Cimone, Fonte Ventasso, Acqua Clavdia, Fonte Lieta, Sorgente Angelica and Sorgente Flaminia brands, supports a leading company in the world of sport in […]

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24 October 2023
Acqua Claudia in first place for Gambero Rosso

Acqua Claudia is the best natural effervescent mineral in Italy. Gambero Rosso, the first multimedia food and wine publishing group in the Bel Paese, says so. According to experts, Acqua Claudia wins the highest podium, with a total of 76 points. The blind test carried out by the judges, real water sommeliers, was based in […]

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22 October 2023
Acqua Nocera Umbra Sorgente Angelica: a new label, a new claim, an ancient history…

The new label of Acqua Nocera Umbra Sorgente Angelica collects the ancient heritage stylized in the new design. The vigor of the lioness spans the decades and looks to the future with modified forms without losing its royalty. The new claim 'Naturally Divine' embodies the distinctive peculiarities of the Source, tells its story starting from […]

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Administrative and commercial headquarters
Via del Portello 16, 410158 Vignola (MO)  

Registered office
Via Capanna Tassoni 219/D – 41020 Ospitale di Fanano (MO)

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E-mail info@grupposem.it
Phone +39 059 8377001


Monte Cimone official partner of Modena Volley
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