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Mountainous landscapes, natural parks and archaeological complexes: SEM Group headquarters and sources
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SEM Group springs flow in uncontaminated natural environments of purity and great scenic charm.

Monte Cimone natural mineral water flows at over 935 meters above sea level in the mountainous heart of the "National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines", as well as the Ventasso and Lieta mineral waters, which flow between the deep rocky slopes of Monte Ventasso (1,727 meters above sea level) and gush out at over 1000 meters above sea level.

In the area surrounding Clavdia natural effervescent mineral water source and production plant, in Anguillara Sabazia (Rome), stands the archaeological complex "Villa Romana dell'Acqua Clavdia", and the vegetation that grows around the monument contributes to making it a archaeological-naturalistic park of great historical and environmental interest.

Angelica and Flaminia natural mineral water springs are located in the mountainous territory of Nocera Umbra municipality (Perugia), bordering the Colfiorito Natural Park.

The current SEM Group headquarters was renovated in December 2019, it was designed and built with the aim of creating a central operational hub for all the companies and production plants of the Group located throughout Italy.

The project is the result of extensive research with the aim of identifying a close location to the main services that also has a distinctive landscape value.

The building is located in via del Portello 16 in Vignola, in the province of Modena, next to the Panaro river in an area with particularly valuable environmental characteristics. Positioned on an east-facing slope rich in native vegetation, it was built with materials in harmony with the surrounding nature and gives the rooms a panoramic view of particular beauty.

Each constructive choice respected the Group attention to environmental themes. In fact, the building does not use gas supply for the heating system but is fully electric, equipped with its own solar panels and with high energy performance: Class A3 EP gl, nren 58.91 kWh / m² year.

The contruction also led to the recovery of a previously dilapidated area with a new building with a high degree of residential and commercial functionality.

SEM Group has faced this investment with the intention of offering an optimal workplace for its employees by creating pleasant and spacious environments in which to host customers and suppliers.

Administrative and commercial headquarters
Via del Portello 16, 410158 Vignola (MO)  

Registered office
Via Capanna Tassoni 219/D – 41020 Ospitale di Fanano (MO)

For more informations
E-mail info@grupposem.it
Phone +39 059 8377001


Monte Cimone official partner of Modena Volley
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