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25 October 2023
Monte Cimone official partner of Modena Volley

The partnership has been signed with coach Francesco Petrella's 'gialloblù'. The Emiliano Group, leader in Italy in the bottling, production and distribution of mineral waters and soft drinks of the Sorgente Monte Cimone, Fonte Ventasso, Acqua Clavdia, Fonte Lieta, Sorgente Angelica and Sorgente Flaminia brands, supports a leading company in the world of sport in […]

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24 October 2023
Acqua Claudia in first place for Gambero Rosso

Acqua Claudia is the best natural effervescent mineral in Italy. Gambero Rosso, the first multimedia food and wine publishing group in the Bel Paese, says so. According to experts, Acqua Claudia wins the highest podium, with a total of 76 points. The blind test carried out by the judges, real water sommeliers, was based in […]

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22 October 2023
Acqua Nocera Umbra Sorgente Angelica: a new label, a new claim, an ancient history…

The new label of Acqua Nocera Umbra Sorgente Angelica collects the ancient heritage stylized in the new design. The vigor of the lioness spans the decades and looks to the future with modified forms without losing its royalty. The new claim 'Naturally Divine' embodies the distinctive peculiarities of the Source, tells its story starting from […]

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4 April 2022
CONFIDA Elective Assembly 2022

The President Massimo Trapletti and the entire Presidential Committee for the next four years (2022-26) were reconfirmed on Saturday 9 April during the Elective Assembly of CONFIDA - Italian Automatic Distribution Association.Stefano Piccinini, Chief Executive Officer of the SEM Group, was confirmed as President of the Food Products Group. Important reconfirmations that demonstrate the cohesion of the […]

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22 March 2022
World Water Day 2022

On the occasion of this anniversary, established by the United Nations in 1992, we celebrate together the importance and uniqueness of this natural resource. Water covers more than 70% of the earth's surface but only 3% of this water is fresh and considered potentially drinkable, which makes it a rare and precious commodity, such as to be defined as "blue gold".For this reason, […]

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17 February 2022
ESG rating for SEM Sorgenti Emiliane Modena Spa

For us, sustainability is not just a word, but a daily commitment in which we invest time and resources. Today the SEM Group is proud to announce that SEM Sorgenti Emiliane Modena Spa, the head company of the Group, obtained in 2021 an ESG Score of 59 out of 100 in collaboration with the Cerved Rating Agency, a value in line […]

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5 January 2022
Milleproroghe Decree 2021

The entry into force of the obligation of packaging environmental labeling has been extended to 1 July 2022. The decree-law of 30 December 2021 extended the suspension of the environmental labeling obligation for all packaging to 30 June 2022. The obligation to identify the materials and to indicate the correct management of packaging end-life to the final […]

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22 December 2021
Quality in every drop.

Come and discover everything that lies behind a simple glass of water, the refreshing break that we allow ourselves every day, in the new Water Time corporate video. Bottles of pure spring water, bottled and point of use watercoolers ideal for home and office, a whole range of accessories for all tastes and a friendly and knowledgeable team. This and […]

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10 December 2021
The Decree implementing the European Directive on disposable plastic products (SUP) has been published

On the Ordinary Supplement no. 41 of the Official Gazette no. 285 of 30 November 2021 has been published the legislative decree of 8 November 2021, n. 196 "Implementation of Directive (EU) 2019/904, of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 June 2019 on the reduction of the incidence of certain plastic products on the […]

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Monte Cimone official partner of Modena Volley
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