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The mineral water market

Worldwide, more than 560 billion litres of non-alcoholic cold drinks (water, soft drinks and juices) are consumed. Consumption of packaged water has by now exceeded that of fizzy drinks which, historically, occupied first place in the commercial non-alcoholic drinks sector. 
The highest level of consumption of bottled water is in Europe and North America, with more than 80 litres/year per head, mostly spring water (mineral or spring waters which, since they are pure at source, do not have to undergo any treatment). Elsewhere in the world, mainly treated water is consumed, after appropriate purification. 
Large containers (water coolers with capacity greater than 10 litres) represent more than a third of total consumption.
In Italy, the consumption of mineral water in bottles saw a fluctuation between 2006 and 2010 (CAGR – 1.0%). In particular, between 2008 and 2009, there was a fall of 0.2% caused by the negative effects of the financial crisis on demand though compensated by high temperatures in the summer.
The fluctuation recorded in 2010 of -0.4% was also significant, compared to 2009, and was mainly due to the protracted effects of the financial crisis and the instability of the summer climate, with frequent rain.
Globally, the Italian market fell from third place in 2005 to fifth in 2009, with total consumption of 11.5 billion litres, remaining in first place in Europe. 
In 2008, in terms of pro-capita consumption in Italy,  98% of water was packaged in containers with a capacity less than (or equal to) 2 litres, while only 2% of consumption was related to water coolers. 
The volumes of packaged water remained stable in 2009: the negative effect of cutbacks in domestic expenditure due to the financial crisis was counterbalanced by higher than average temperatures in May, August and September. Stability in the consumption of mineral water was also expected in 2010. 
Private Labels grew significantly in 2009, growing by 18%, spearheaded by spring water. Indeed, due to the financial crisis, consumers have tended to buy private label products with a better quality-price ratio. 
These products represent only 7% of the overall sales of mineral water.
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