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The business model

specific positioning in the Italian market, which is second only to Mexico at the global level for pro-capita consumption (with almost 200 litres/year). The geographical proximity of the springs, the extraction plant, bottling and access to the distribution market make the SEM Group a unique operator – able to supervise the entire production and distribution chain – ensuring the end customer a product that is guaranteed by certificates of quality and environmental sustainability. 
This allows the SEM Group to reach the main key markets – northern and central Italy – reducing to a minimum the transport costs and, as a consequence, the environmental impact created by the transport of bottled water. 
The Company is very active in the promotion of the policy of “zero kilometres” in the Mineral Water sector which, in SEM’s case, stands as a model for the company’s development. 
Indeed, the Company’s strategy is based on a further consolidation of this development model, with progressive growth towards the objective of reaching new geographical areas, unexploited until today.
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