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About Sem

The SEM Group – Sorgenti Emiliane Modena SpA - is among the leading operators in the bottling,  production and distribution of Natural Mineral Water and of soft drinks, both its own brand and Private Labels for some of the biggest operators in the sector of major distribution chains.  The SEM Group moreover, operates in the bottling and sale of Spring Water and Water for human use in water coolers and the hire of the associated refrigerators.
The holder of 4 mining concessions for the extraction of mineral water, the Group operates through 4 production factories and 25 logistics centres and is subdivided into two areas of synergic operations, Mineral Water and soft drinks/water coolers.
The geographical proximity of the natural springs to the distribution market means SEM is in a unique position, with a distinctive business model, able to supervise the entire production chain, from the collection of the water right through to the distribution of the end product. This allows the Group to keep the costs of transport and distribution of the end product down which, on one hand, reduces the environmental impact to a minimum and on the other has positive effects on the profits of the Group, among the best in the key sector.
In addition, the Group is equipped with advanced systems of control and management of the collection process which optimise the use of the water resource and, at the same time, allow flexibility of output to match the fluctuations in demand for the product over the course of the year. In particular, the digital system enables the resource to be monitored, regulating the uptake of water based on production needs, avoiding pointless waste of water.
All this information is correlated every year with the meteorological data acquired and recorded from the weather panel in each plant.
On the basis of this data, the Mine Director draws up the company Water Balance at the end of the year.
Moreover, the Group is equipped with advanced digital systems for monitoring and managing the catchment area which allows the sustainable use of water resources, avoiding waste and regulating the drawing of water on the seasonal basis that characterises this sector
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