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Safety, controls and certificates

The aim of the S.E.M. Group is to ensure the customer has a product that meets the legal requirements, as well as the highest qualitative standards of the individual categories of product.

Every production plant, through the work of qualified, specialised personnel, exercises quality control checks on the product in line with guidelines set down by the Group with regard to the verification processes.

The Group’s plants are equipped with modern laboratories for microbiological, chemical and chemical-physical analyses in order to carry our quality checks on water samples taken from the spring, the bottles and the warehouse. Frequent, strict controls are also carried out on the water distribution network, the bottling, refilling and the end products.

In 2010, the Group carried out more than 5,000 checks along the entire production chain, three times as many as required by law for bottled products and ten times those required on the spring. The certificates SEM has attained (ISO 9001:2008[1], ISO 14001:2004[2], SA8000:2001[3] and IFS[4]) confirm the quality of the product. In addition, the collaboration with universities and the regional environmental departments enables monitoring to be carried out annually of the chemical-physical and microbiological characteristics, as well as the chemical-physical monitoring of the natural mineral waters.
On December 13th, 2010, the SEM company, Ospitale of Fanano, attained the IFS[5] certificate (International Food Standard – Version 5) issued by the certification body DNV.
The qualification was gained with the highest level: HIGHER LEVEL.

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[1] The UNI EN ISO 9001 certificate is a system of international certification on the quality of company management and production processes systems.
[2] The UNI EN ISO 14001 certificate is a system of international certification on environmental management
[3] The IFSSF certificate is a system of international certification regarding the proper management of quality and hygiene-health safety of products.
[4] The IFS standard (International Food Standard) was developed by a consortium to which the leading retailers of central Europe adhere.   Its purpose is to qualify food suppliers, on the basis of their capacity to provide safe products, in conformity with the contractual specifications and the legal requirements. The standard identifies specific elements of a management system focused on the quality and hygiene-health safety of products, which takes as reference for planning and implementation the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) methodology.


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