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"Fonte Ventasso" Natural Mineral Water

Thanks to its low mineral content (fixed residue at 180°C equal to 162/170 mg/L), Fonte Ventasso Natural Mineral Water is ranked as one of softest mineral waters available. It emerges from the earth microbiologically pure at 3400 feet above sea level from sources and wells located in the heart of a vast and beautiful mountainous area in the heart of the Apennines of Reggio Emilia, inside an uncontaminated park known as the Parco Nazionale dell'Appennino Teseo Emiliano.  
Its saline composition and 7.5 / 7.8 pH factor give it an especially pleasant and well-balanced flavour.  Its low sodium content makes Fonte Ventasso Natural Mineral Water ideal for low sodium diets and a perfect complement to diets aimed at the prevention of hypertension. Clinical and pharmacological studies have scientifically proven both the direct diuretic properties and the indirect anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic  effects of the best waters with low mineral content. 
 Chemical and physicochemical analysis - Chemical and physicochemical constants

Water temperature at the source  (°C)


Specific electrical conductivity at 20°C (µS/cm)


Hydrogen ions concentration (pH) at the source


Fixed residue at 180°C (mg/L)


Total hardness (°F)


Free carbon dioxide at the source (mg/L)


Calcium (mg/L)


Magnesium (mg/L)


Sodium (mg/L)    


Potassium (mg/L)


Bicarbonate (mg/L)


Sulphate (mg/L)


Nitrate (mg/L)


Assessment and observations – Natural water with low mineral content for low-sodium diets (Article 2 of Legislative Decree 01/02/1983. Reggio Emilia 28/01/2008).

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