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The benefits of the water

Water plays a fundamental and vitally important role in the biological processes of our organism: 70% of the body weight of an adult and 80% of that of a child is made up of water. Thanks to its specific characteristics and properties, water is a neutraceutica nutrition, that is, nutrition that has benefits for health, optimally meeting the needs of our organism and ensuring the required hydration. 

For those who suffer with stomach problems (gastric hypersecretion) and with the intestine, the most recommended waters are bicarbonates, widespread in nature, where, in addition to the presence of bicarbonate, there is also sodium and potassium. These waters succeed in rebalancing both the motility and the gastric acid, thereby supporting the work of the pancreas. In addition, bicarbonate waters, by aiding the digestion, are also suitable for those who suffer from irritation.

Water contains substances that are also very useful in the prevention and control of heart and cardiovascularailments  Indeed, magnesium, in which water is rich, protects the cardiac muscle and is effective in reducing blood pressure. Moreover, cardiac ailments, irregular heart beat and palpitations, are often linked to a lack of magnesium. For those who suffer from hypertension, the consumption of water with low sodium concentration is recommended, and therefore also low sodium bicarbonate waters which aid the elimination of sodium from the organism.

For those who suffer from bone problems, low or medium mineral content is recommended, with a good concentration of magnesium, calcium and fluoride. Indeed, in non-excessive doses, fluoride allows proper skeletal development, making bones solid, and gives resistance and elasticity to the joints. Moreover, fluoride is effective, together with calcium, in the formation of dental enamel, protecting against decay.

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the organism, fundamental for bones and teeth, above all in the developmental phases, and is of great help in the regeneration of damaged tissue. Magnesium carries out an important role in the renewal and recovery of many tissues; it reinforces the bones and teeth enamel and, together with calcium and fluoride, acts to prevent osteoporosis.
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