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SEM’s commitment

The company, with the aim of making the company management system more complete and examining in depth the issues regarding ethical conduct, decided to adopt a System of Corporate Social Responsibility Management in accordance with the key regulation SA800; this system was certified by an accredited body during 2009. To this end, a document of Corporate Social Responsibility Policy was drawn up in which the contribution to the improvement of social conditions was underlined, both inside the work place, with particular reference to labour relations, safety and the appreciation of the human resources, and outside, involving the Public Administration organisations, suppliers, local communities and a client base that is increasingly concerned about ethical questions and environmental improvement.
Through the Corporate Social Responsibility management system, the company intends to pursue the following objectives:
  • improve the motivation of the personnel and make them aware of ethical issues;
  • involve the trades union representatives;
  • build up trust with the customers;
  • improve relations with institutions;
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