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Respect for the person

The proper use of water in particular and food in general depends on nutritional education, which must be started in childhood.
For this reason, for the last 5 years SEM has financed a programme of nutritional education, started by the Modena Local Health Authority in 2003, aimed at teachers and pupils at nursery, elementary and secondary schools.  Its aim is to make the very youngest children aware, through play, about correct, healthy nutrition and physical activity.

The SEM Group meets the children, organises competitions between schools and takes part every year in the final award ceremony for the most “worthy” school.

MANGIA GIUSTO MUOVITI CON GUSTO - SEM takes part in a project created in collaboration with the Modena Local Health Authority (Food and Nutrition Hygiene Service).

Launched in 2003, the Mangia Giusto Muoviti con Gusto (Eat well move well) project is designed to promote sensible nutrition and exercise among nursery, elementary and middle school children in the province of Modena, involving families and teachers as well.  The Community Paediatric Service, the Psychology Service, the Education for Health Staff and the Prevention Counter take part in the project as internal collaborators.  In addition, the voluntary non-profit association Gli Amici del Cuore (Friends of the Heart) of Modena, and the CIR, the Italian Catering Cooperative and SEM are the main sponsors of the project.


Eat well move well features BoyFox, a cuddly fox, and is a programme that provides various phases to be implemented at different ages, covering:
  • Training course for teachers
  • Educational course given in class by the teachers
  • Prize competitions on specific issues
Each pupil is given support material that has the twin purpose of aiding the child in understanding the topics dealt with through visual media and to inform the parents at home of the work done in class.

As part of its concern for education, the SEM Group promotes an open door policy putting its plants at the disposal of schools so they can discover the world of mineral waters and the bottling cycle; in addition, it finances local events (festivals, fairs etc.)
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