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Natural Mineral Water

Natural Mineral Water originates from a stratum or subterranean deposit and comes from a natural or drilled spring. Mineral water acquires chemical and physical properties and mineral salts through contact with rocks during its underground course. It is bottled at source and can be exploited only by the holder of a production license issued by the competent authorities. Natural Mineral Waters are distinguished by specific hygiene characteristics and may possess properties that are good for health, as laid down by Legislative Decree 105/1992. Bottling in containers with a capacity greater than 2 litres and or carrying out treatment to make it drinkable are prohibited.  In addition to the acknowledged name of the Mineral Water, a marketing designation can be shown on the labels.

The European Union and Italian regulatory framework defines mineral water as follows:
Article 1 of the aforementioned legislative decree. Definition and characteristics of mineral water.
  1. Mineral water is water which, originating in a stratum or underground deposit,  comes from one or more natural or drilled springs and which has specific hygienic  characteristics and properties that are good for health.
  2. Mineral waters differ from ordinary drinking water due to the original purity  and preservation, content in minerals, trace elements and other constituents and their  effects. They are protected from any risk of pollution.
  3. The characteristics under the preceding paragraphs must be assessed at the following levels:
    1. geological and hydrogeological;
    2. organoleptic, physical, physical-chemical and chemical;
    3. microbiological;
    4. pharmacological, clinical and physiological.
  4. The composition, temperature and the other essential characteristics of mineral water  must be kept constant at the spring within the range of natural variations, even after  any important changes.

Natural mineral water can be classified on the basis of the fixed residue (the quantity of mineral salts dissolved in a litre of water measured after evaporation at 180° expressed in milligrams/litre):
  • minimally mineralised (Fixed Residue < 50mg/l)
  • trace minerals (Fixed Residue between 50 and 500 mg/l)
  • medium minerals (Fixed Residue between 500 and 1500 mg/l)
  • rich in mineral salts (Fixed Residue > 1500 mg/l)
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