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The history

SEM S.p.A. was created in 1984 on the initiative of local entrepreneurs who bought land adjacent to the Ospitale spring, in the Province of Modena, and built the first water bottling plant. Over the years, SEM growth has been characterised by acquisitions.
In 1997, collaboration with Coop Italia began with the supply of private label mineral water and, in the same year, bottling in PET plastic containers was launched.
In 1998, ownership of the Company passed to the Balugani family, which still has control.
In 1999, the SEM Group took over BPM Srl, a company operating in the marketing of refrigerated dispensers for water coolers and, in 2002, the water cooler business was consolidated with the acquisition of Water Time.  The development of the SEM group continued in 2002 with the acquisition of the historic company of Nocera Umbra Fonti Storiche SpA and, in 2007, of Nuova Samicer which, since 1996, had been the main supplier of Conad Italia of private label mineral water.
In 2010, SEM introduced a manufacturing and bottling line for disposable water cooler bottles in tandem with the water cooler business.
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